Jacob Tovar & The Saddle Tramps full album streaming at GroundSounds

GroundSounds streams the debut album by Tulsa’s Jacob Tovar and the Saddle Tramps, coming out on Horton Records on CD and digital, with vinyl coming soon. Says Tovar:

I started performing when I got laid off from a job that I loathed. I spent some time taking care of my newborn son and started playing out and submersing myself in the Tulsa music scene. I had before just basically been a self-taught bedside guitarist interested in playing classical and fingerstyle genres. My older lead guitarist brother was constantly on me to get out and play and play with him whenever we got together. I went back to college and did a few semesters – through my music instructors, I was encouraged to sing more, so I began singing and playing.

The experience of recording the debut album was wonderful. I hand-picked the musicians I wanted in the studio – I had worked with them many times in a live setting, so we ended up cutting the album live just because we were so comfortable and have such great chemistry playing together. I had been to Fellowship Hall Studio last summer with a group of Tulsa musicians to record a compilation and really enjoyed Jason’s style of recording and the way that he uses the original tape reel to record and create that classic sound.

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