The Shotgun Seat premieres Scott Wesley’s video for “Front Porch Light”

The Shotgun Seat premieres the beautiful new music video from Nashville’s Scott Wesley:

Directed by Chris Ranker and shot by Warren Smith at a lake house in Hendersonville, TN, the video is the second from Wesley’s self-titled EP, which released last Friday, September 11th. The song is an expressive tale of heartbreak, which Wesley frames as solutions for reconciliation. “It’ll be easy,” the song practically implores, with lyrics like “the front door will be unlocked / in case you lot your key, there’s a spare one in the mailbox / if I’m fast asleep, there’s a note on the kitchen table that dinner’s in the refrigerator.” Wesley’s vocals are beautifully presented, and lie over a bed of complementary and subtle instrumentation, haunting steel included.

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