Surviving the Golden Age reviews There Is No Mountain’s album LUNA


Surviving the Golden Age digs in to There Is No Mountain‘s new album LUNA, out now from ORG Music:

There’s a ton going on with the guitars, whether they’re big and fuzzy or faint and picked, but it’s like life going on below the surface of a body of water. When the guitar is at its most intricate, it’s also at its softest volume. There are big, fuzzy chords on ‘Listening to Sadness’ and ‘Waterbound,’ but there are also soft, plucked parts hiding in there. ‘Hiking’ is one of the few songs where the guitar gets all the solos it needs to really stand out. Because inspiration was taken from so many sources, at times the guitars sound like ‘90s alternative, or Latin (think of a world music CD being played at a Ten Thousand Villages store,) or a little Renaissance Faire-esque when it gets classical, or kind of folky Americana. I’m pretty sure I even caught a touch of zydeco in ‘Black Hole (Part 2).’

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