Name: Christian Lee Hutson
From: Brooklyn
Genre: Americana, Singer-Songwriter
RIYL: Jason Isbell, Justin Townes Earle
Label: Trailer Fire Records
Booking: Alan Brown, Please and Thank You Booking



PRESS PHOTOS (credit: Erin Rambo)

Christian Lee Hutson is nothing, if not awkwardly honest. The gallantly self-defeating 24-year-old singer/songwriter is an amalgamation of a long line of Americana tradition, roughly 200 unpleasant days on the road a year, and his own past musical endeavors (which obsessively chronicle his romantic and social failures), including 2012’s EP, Will Never Break Up, and his debut LP, The Hell With It.

In January 2015, Hutson released his second album Yeah Okay, I Know, a record championed by Americana UK’s James McCurry as “…Startlingly good. Like ‘year’s end list’ good.” Yeah Okay, I Know captures twelve songs from the rapidly-evolving, jokingly self-proclaimed, King of Bummercore, with all his youthful regrets, laments, and apathy worn unabashedly on his sleeve.

Hutson’s search for self spills from his records onto the road in a relentless touring schedule across the States and throughout Europe, where the prolific songster’s perpetually unveiling new tunes and discovering new ways to take shots at himself. Like Paste Magazine says, “He will change you. Go see him tonight.”


Christian Lee Hutson Tour Dates


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