Name: Dohse
Members: Nathan James Dohse & friends
From: Nashville
Genre: Alternative Americana, Emo


PRESS PHOTOS (credit: Will Vastine)

Sometimes, you need to strip something down to its basic foundation before you can begin to rebuild.

That’s the case with Dohse, the new solo project from singer/songwriter Nathan Dohse. After logging more than 10 years (and upwards of 500 shows) as the frontman of Fight the Quiet, Dohse found himself looking for a change of scenery. He packed up his guitars, relocated from Flagstaff to Nashville, and parted ways with his band along the way, bringing a decade of hard work to an end.

It was a period of intense change. What remained constant, however, was Dohse’s need to create new music.

“I’ve always been a pinball machine of songwriting,” he explains. “I’ll write a rock song one minute and an acoustic ballad the next. Then I’ll do a dance-pop song. Fight the Quiet is my rock group, but Dohse is an alternative to that.”

In September 2014, Dohse will start unveiling his new sound, one EP at a time. New EPs will appear every quarter, each one featuring a different producer — and a different direction. Viewed together, the four EPs will function as a sonic summary of Dohse’s music, which spans the gap between confessional ballads, rock anthems and electronic experiments.

“Instead of running away from the eclectic musical ideas that come to me, I wanna embrace them all,” explains the songwriter. “I want to make music that’s raw, intimate and honest, and I want to be a little less pegged down by the rock band. I have a vision of playing shows, and having a violinist with me, and the next night it’s a steel guitar player or a horn section.”
by Andrew Leahey


7/23/14: Memphis, TN – Kudzu’s Bar
7/24/14: Norman, OK – Red Brick Bar
7/25/14: Denton, TX – The Whitehouse
7/26/14: Dallas, TX – Coffehouse Cafe
7/30/14: Tucson, AZ – Monterey Court
7/31/14: Tempe, AZ – Fiftyone West
8/1/14: Tempe, AZ – Yucca Tap Room
8/2/14: Flagstaff, AZ – Firecreek Coffee
8/7/14: Denver, CO – Meadowlark
8/8/14: Kansas City, MO – The Tank Room
8/9/14: St. Louis, MO – Plush
8/13/14: Nashville, TN – The East Room
9/24/14: Little Rock, AR – Juanitas
9/25/14: Norman, OK – Red Brick Bar
9/26/14: Dallas, TX – TBA
9/27/14: Austin, TX – Bar 2211
10/2/14: St. Louis, MO – Plush
10/4/14: Kansas City – Czar Bar
10/5/14: Des Moines, IA – Des Moines Social Club


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