Name: Field Division
Members: Evelyn Taylor (vocals, guitar, synth, percussion), Nicholas Frampton (guitar, vocals, bass, drums, synth, percussion)
From: Nashville
Genre: Folkwave, Pastoral Dreampop
RIYL: Feist, Other Lives, Fleet Foxes, Fleetwood Mac, Local Natives, Bon Iver, Mazzy Star



PRESS PHOTOS (credit: 1-2: Asher Moss; 3-4: Graham Gardner)



Nashville folkwave duo Field Division could be Feist fronting Other Lives or the product of Fleet Foxes & Fleetwood Mac. The pair create impeccable pastoral dream-pop, blending exquisite vocals, entrancing beats and transcendent harmonies into elegant layers. Fat Cat Records praised the demo of their first single “Faultlines” for its “soulful harmonies and lush textures,” and This Is Tru Luv called it “a flawless opening statement from a band with far-reaching appeal.” Field Division emerges fully formed on their debut 5-song EP Reverie State, out on CD, vinyl and digital download on October 28th.

Field Division is Evelyn Taylor’s first project. Prior to this, she has kept her songwriting and vocal talents under wraps, with a comfort zone solidly peripheral to the stage, behind a camera and traveling with bands as a touring photographer. After hopping onstage one night to contribute backing vocals, Taylor felt compelled to start stepping out of the shadows. She teamed up with longtime friend Nicholas Frampton, hardcore drummer and guitarist turned producer by way of jazz and classical theory, to bring Field Division to life. The two bonded while growing up in Iowa, and their bucolic bonafides show up strongly in their songwriting.

Reverie State was produced by Konrad Snyder (Kopecky Family Band, Neulore, Night Beds) and Benjamin Kaufman (Night Beds), and mastered by Joe LaPorta at Sterling Sound in NYC, with back-up vocals on “Modest Mountains” by Milo Greene’s Andrew Heringer. The duo’s songwriting skills plus Taylor’s stand-out vocals and Frampton’s arranging prowess turn Field Division into something special, and the pure pastoral dream pop of their aptly-titled debut Reverie State is an apropos opener, conjuring a daydream that’s blissful yet restless, floating and alluring.



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