Name: Levi Parham
From: McAlester, OK
Genre: Red Dirt, Americana, Blues
Management: Nathan Dohse, AGD Entertainment
Record Label: Music Road Records
Links: Music Road Records / webpage / facebook / bandcamp / twitter / instagram / iTunes / spotify




01 These American Blues
02 Ain’t The Man To Tell You So
03 Steal Me
04 Wrong Way To Hold A Man
05 Gonna Be A Long Day
06 I’m Behind Ya
07 Held In High Regard
08 Waiting Game
09 Don’t Care None
10 Chemical Train
11 Your Blue Eyes Give You Away
12 Central Time
13 Love Comes Around


A native of McAlester, Oklahoma, Levi Parham’s music draws on the rich songwriting traditions of his home state. “Perhaps it’s something in the [Oklahoma] water — the same iron-heavy tap drink that Woody Guthrie sipped on as a young man — that leads to an inherited sense of melody,” said The Bluegrass Situation. “Whatever it is, Levi Parham has it.”

With influences from the worlds of blues, folk, soul, rock and country music, it’s Parham’s “soulful, gritty and tender voice” (The Boot) that brings it all together into a sound that CMT described as “enticing” with “a melancholy feel.”

“My dad was a big blues fan growing up, so it was kind of inevitable that I was surrounded by it,” he told The Oklahoman in a recent interview. “He was always playing Muddy Waters and stuff like that at the house, but really my biggest influence was more of like the soul guys like Van Morrison and people like that, Sam Cooke.”

‘These American Blues’ (out June 24) will be Parham’s third record, following up on his 2013 debut ‘An Okie Opera’ and his 2014 EP ‘Avalon Drive.’ Parham will tour throughout 2016 in support of the album.

Music Road Records was established in 2007 by renowned songwriter Jimmy LaFave and Kelcy Warren. Located in Austin, Texas, Music Road also owns and operates two Texas based recording facilities — Cedar Creek Recording in Austin and Cherokee Creek Recording in the Texas hill country.

Music Road’s past releases include albums from Jimmy LaFave, Sam Baker, Kevin Welch, Hal Ketchum, Garrett Lebeau and Malcolm Holcombe, along with “Looking Into You: A Tribute to Jackson Browne” and “Ribbon Of Highway, Endless Skyway,” a tribute to Woody Guthrie.


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