Name: Lollipop Factory
From: Columbus, OH
Members: David Tweed (vocals, guitar) / Bekah Manning (vocals, drums)
RIYL: tube amps, stand-up drummers, vocal harmonies, guy-girl duos




Bouncing Ball
Live in Madison, WI
The Frequency

Song For Robert Schuller
Live in St. Louis, MO
The Firebird 

Lollipop Factory has been tirelessly criss-crossing the U.S. in their RV since July 2008, showcasing its dessert-as-12-course-meal performance aesthetic. AC’d by tube amps and power chords, DC’d by barbershop harmonies and power pop, Lollipop Factory is an energy-rich densely-packed wall-of-sound guy-girl duo made up of guitarist David Tweed and stand-up drummer Bekah Manning. The band delivers a rollicking set of thickly-layered frankensteined pop-metal contraptions.

Lollipop Factory has been living on the road since July, 2008, performing for a growing and loyal fanbase. “We knew if we traded our rent for gas money, we could make this work doing it full time,” said Tweed. “So we bought an RV. It’s kind of a pioneer lifestyle. The RV is like our covered wagon.”

Lollipop Factory is building momentum and impressing increasing numbers of bar-patrons and music aficionados. Rob McColley of Champaign, IL’s Smile Politely says Lollipop Factory “perpetrate a bizarre oratorio of structured, elaborate hard candy on unsuspecting beer drinkers…Lollipop Factory is a spectacle.” 

The band’s performance set-up includes “a deceptively simple pedalboard… a wah and two Boss OC-3s,” witnessed Afraid of the Bear’s Corbie Hill. “Also, he played through what appeared to be at least sixty amps.” Lollipop Factory tends to avoid looped and pre-recorded sounds in favor of a more organic real-time live performance, as Tweed notes, “We don’t use loop stations. Every note you hear is actually being played, no backing tracks, no prerecorded harmonies.”

Tweed is joined by drummer and vocalist Bekah Manning, who Hill describes as one who “played drums like no one I’ve ever seen. Sporting heels and a ballerina outfit, she played a little trapkit standing up and never lost a beat, resulting in a very original and engaging percussive approach.”

The Erie Times-News’ Dave Richards says that Manning’s “powerful vocals, stage presence, and chemistry with Tweed help Lollipop Factory produce an impressive wall of sound.”

“You’ll never see anyone who looks like they’re having a better time playing drums. She makes the best drum faces ever,” says Tweed. “She sets the bar and I try to keep up – jumping or climbing on anything within radius of my guitar cable.”

As for Lollipop Factory’s music, Tweed says of their catalogue “I don’t even think of our songs as real songs. They’re more like bombastic, frankensteined pop-metal contraptions.”

Nov. 11: Dayton, OH – Blind Bob’s
Nov. 12: Columbus, OH – Rumba Cafe
Nov. 13: Ft. Wayne, IN – Brass Rail
Nov. 16: Chicago, IL – Elbo Room
Nov. 17: Milwaukee, WI – Cactus Club
Nov. 18: Madison, WI – The Frequency
Nov. 21: Minneapolis, MN – Kitty Cat Klub
Nov. 23: St. Paul, MN – Daymoth House
Nov. 25: Lincoln, NE – Knickerbockers
Nov. 26: Omaha, NE – O’leaver’s Pub
Nov. 27: Des Moines, IA – Vaudeville Mews
Nov. 29: Ames, IA – The Space (formerly Ames Progressive)
Dec. 2: Evansville, IN – Lanhuck’s
Dec. 6: Nashville, TN – The End
Dec. 7: Memphis, TN – P&H Cafe
Dec. 9: Fayetteville, AR – Smoke & Barrel Tavern
Dec. 11: Tulsa, OK – Soundpony
Dec. 14: Norman, OK – Opolis
Dec. 15: Wichita, KS – Kirby’s
Dec. 16: Wichita, KS – Blue Lounge
Dec. 17: Lawrence, KS – Replay Lounge
Dec. 20: Kansas City, KS – Record Bar
Dec. 23: St. Louis, MO – Lemmon’s


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