ALBUM PREMIERE: Exclaim! premieres Annalibera’s debut album ‘Nevermind I Love You’

Exclaim! has the exclusive full stream of Annalibera‘s debut album Nevermind I Love You, out on vinyl and digital formats from Sump Pump Records on March 24th.

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Indie Obsessive features Annalibera

Indie Obsessive reviews Annalibera‘s single “Black Cat White Cat”:

It is popular to use the term ‘mesmerizing’ in describing a song or song feature. Our only experiences with a state we would characterize as being mesmerized were during performances of Florence and the Machine, when the sound system and acoustics allowed the concert-goers to appreciate the extraordinary vocal skills. In a similar setting, Annalibera could provide another visit to that state.

VIDEO PREMIERE: Culture Collide premieres Annalibera’s video for “Blooms”

Culture Collide premieres Annalibera‘s video for “Blooms,” the second single from the forthcoming debut album Nevermind I Love You, out on March 24th from Sump Pump Records.

The single “Blooms” of their debut album Nevermind I Love You glides along like a giant bubble wand dragged through a clear spring day, tinged with the mystifying effects of a crush.

No Country For New Nashville previews Annalibera’s show

No Country For New Nashville previews Annalibera‘s show at The East Room:

Annalibera are an Iowa based dream pop outfit that are turning heads on the interwebs. They are set to release their debut LP Nevermind I Love You on March 24th via Sump Pump Records. You can check out the first single, “Black Cat White Cat”, below to see what all the hubbub is about.

Annalibera in Eleven Magazine

Eleven Magazine previews Annalibera‘s St. Louis show at FOAM:

Add to your must-see list Annalibera, the dreamy, evocative project helmed by singer Anna Gebhardt…Live, Gebhardt manages to personify music that is emotionally heavy and musically engrossing without becoming pretentious, a neat trick that has eluded many other singers of rare capacity…with a new album in hand there’s also nothing stopping Annalibera from blowing up in a big way this year.

Just Music I Like features Annalibera’s “Black Cat White Cat”

Just Music I Like features Annalibera‘s “Black Cat White Cat”

If this track doesn’t have you putty in its hands by its conclusion, I’m not sure what will…Slow motion instrumentation burns brightly amongst Anna Gebhard’s absolutely stunning, clear vocal and together they effortlessly entwine like a butterfly in full flight, fluttering with lingering grace and seduction. Go fall in love.

Record Rewind Play features Annalibera’s “Black Cat White Cat”

Record Rewind Play features Annalibera‘s “Black Cat White Cat”:

Slow burning verses build into huge, sweeping choruses, vocalist Anna Gebhardt moving effortlessly through the vocal gears, as capable of throwing down dramatic long notes as soft lingering sounds. A staircase of staccato guitar motifs provide the framework that holds the piece together.

Hear Nebraska interviews Annalibera

Hear Nebraska catches up with Annalibera in advance of their shows in Lincoln and Omaha for an in-depth conversation and album review:

Dazzling, heartfelt songs…Much of the album feels like an internal battle between someone’s demons and their better angels, but what makes it so compelling is the album’s unwillingness to definitively state which is which. Throughout the album, there is a strong element of wanderlust, of restlessness, but it is counterbalanced by a subtle, very human, desire for peace and love and a good, happy life. More than anything, the album feels almost like a vocalized hope that those two ideals don’t wind up being mutually exclusive.

Aimless Skylarking picks Annalibera’s “Black Cat White Cat” as song of the day

Beautiful review from Aimless Skylarking on Annalibera‘s new single “Black Cat White Cat,” today’s song of the day:

It’s not just Anna Gebhardt’s impossibly gorgeous vocals and devastating delivery that has rendered me mute, the sparse yet haunting accompaniment is equal to the task. The Des Moines, Iowa based band has entirely enchanted me with this incredibly accomplished and affecting first effort. I find a new favorite part with each listen.

Pulse Magazine’s John Molseed reviews Annalibera’s debut album

John Molseed reviews Annalibera‘s debut album Nevermind I Love You for Pulse Magazine:

Annalibera’s “Nevermind I Love You,” set for release in March from the Des Moines-based Sump Pump Records label, is a beautiful, haunting collaboration between some of Iowa’s best musical talents…”Nevermind I Love You” is expertly written and performed, and immaculately composed with exceptional musical skill.

CLICK AND LISTEN IT reviews Annalibera’s single “Black Cat White Cat”

Latvia-based CLICK AND LISTEN IT reviews Annalibera‘s single “Black Cat White Cat” from their forthcoming debut album Nevermind I Love You, out on vinyl and digital formats from Sump Pump Records on Marc 24th.

Recalling Emir Kusturica’s hilarious to sorowful movie Black Cat, White Cat, following act seems drawing similar senses and experiences one’s had and seen going like clockwork. Annalibera, Des Moines, Iowa based trio, getting off the vulturous, all-consuming things and being influenced by more sophisticated ones, fashioned their debut single, Black Cat White Cat, sound astonishing at the full blast and tuned low due classick rock mood that doesn’t stop to rebel along angelic yet strong vocals you might catch in your heart. If you’ve got spelled, look after their next steps, including debut release Nevermind I Love You to be out soon.

Annalibera mention in Columbia Tribune

Annalibera receives a mention in the Columbia Tribune in their feature on Cafe Berlin:

Annalibera is one of a trio of Iowa acts that will share a bill at Cafe Berlin (Columbia, MO). Dubbing itself a ‘twang-shoe chambergaze band,’ Annalibera makes hazy, lush and lovely pop that recalls both the moodier and more melodic sides of New Wave and ’90s alt-rock.