Lockeland Springsteen reviews Apollo Wild’s “No Love Lost” release show

Lockeland Springsteen reviews Apollo Wild’s “No Love Lost” release show at The High Watt:

…if Apollo Wild’s release show served as a barometer for their future, then their future is beaming with rock n roll brilliance. Sure, they’re relatively new and ‘No Love Lost’ is their initial release, but you wouldn’t have known any better from their live presence. As referenced in their Nashville Five before the show, Apollo Wild has a rare opportunity to assume the mantle of Nashville’s next-wave of alt-rock bands.

Power of Pop shares Apollo Wild’s “No Love Lost”

Power of Pop shares “No Love Lost,” the title track off Apollo Wild’s forthcoming release:

…an intriguing blend of country-folk twang and early Noughties garage punk drive in Nashville-based rock outfit Apollo Wild’s musical agenda. This exciting sound is evident in ‘No Love Lost’…

Lockeland Springsteen features Apollo Wild with a Nashville Five

“Set to be Nashville’s bastion of alternative rock n roll for the coming years, Apollo Wild is making its way to the front of the alt-rock line with their debut LP, No Love Lost.”

Lockeland Springsteen has the inside info on how to win the hearts of Apollo Wild this Valentine’s Day — check out their Nashville Five in advance of their No Love Lost album release show at The High Watt on Feb. 14th.

Verbicide Magazine premieres Apollo Wild’s single “Shaky Knees”

Verbicide Magazine premieres “Shaky Knees,” the new single from Nashville’s Apollo Wild:

The whole song is about connecting to and loving your past, but not allowing that to keep you from jumping headlong into your future. It’s a tale of fear, anxiety, nostalgia, but also of exploration, understanding, growth, and ultimately, of conquering. I suppose that, in short, “Shaky Knees” is my love ballad to Texas, to youth, to family, and to the future.