DSM Shows features Cubits new single “Oh Well That Ends Well”


“The subtle electronic production that starts and builds underneath the track lifts the whole song into transitory realms where the distant guitar melodies collect and swirl like low-hanging fog.”

Beautiful review of Cubits’ debut single “Oh Well That Ends Well” by Trey Reis over at DSM Shows. Catch Cubits and Mailboxes on tour now, in Fairfield, Iowa at The Arbor Bar tonight!

Atwood Magazine premieres Cubits debut single “Oh Well That Ends Well”


SPOILER ALERT: This music is unlike anything you’ve ever heard…Cubits have come out of the gate with guns a’blazing, immediately introducing listeners to a unique blend of hazy, entrancing melody based music that pulls from any number of genres to create something that is all its own.

Fantastic piece from Atwood Magazine, premiering “Oh Well That Ends Well,” the debut single from Fairfield, Iowa electronic shoegaze trio Cubits, who will be hitting the road with The Mailboxes next month.