Weld Birmingham feature article on England in 1819

England in 1819 are featured in this week’s issue of Weld in Birmingham, where they kick off their winter tour this Sunday!

The band’s synthetic atmospheres are sumptuous and cinematic, bringing the Drive or Blade Runner soundtracks to mind as readily as they do, say, Chvrches, Sigur Ros, or even Beach House. While not quite a synthpop band, England in 1819 strike an obliging, accessible balance between formless ambience and melodic song structure…it’s the subtle layers the brothers have worked in that really impress. Each part of each song, whether it’s Andrew’s haunting, mournful voice or tactically deployed French horn from Dan, is meticulously balanced and arranged. England in 1819 excel at establishing a mood, but it’s the nuanced craftsmanship that really sets them apart.

England in 1819 seem to have a passion for the beautiful things that’s weighted down by a sense of somber resignation. Their greatest tool for expressing that anxiety is Andrew Callaway’s voice, which at its finest recalls the pleading tones of OK Computer-era Thom Yorke and, at times, even Bryan Ferry. When the band’s tortured Romantic approach hits home, Callaway’s vocals sound like a ghostly plaint hovering amid a lush, ethereal sea of sound…There’s every indication that this show’s attendees will be going to see a band poised for great things.

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Tour Dates: England in 1819

1/19/14: Birmingham, AL – The Forge
1/20/14: Nashville, TN – Mercy Lounge
1/21/14: Nashville, TN – Music City Tippler’s
1/22/14: Oxford, MS – Proud Larry’s
1/23/14: Louisville, KY – The New Vintage
1/24/14: St. Louis, MO – Plush
1/25/14: Columbia, MO – Eastside Tavern
1/26/14: Kansas City, MO – Record Bar
1/27/14: Oklahoma City, OK – The Conservatory
1/28/14: Conway, AR – Bear’s Den Pizza
1/29/14: Little Rock, AR – Stickyz
1/30/14: Hot Springs, AR – Maxine’s
1/31/14: Shreveport, LA – Fatty Arbuckles
2/01/14: Denton, TX – House show
2/03/14: Austin, TX – Empire Control Room
2/04/14: San Marcos, TX – Triple Crown
2/05/14: San Antonio, TX – Limelight
2/07/14: Lake Charles, LA – Dharma
2/08/14: Lafayette, LA – Artmosphere
2/12/14: Pensacola, FL – The Handlebar
2/14/14: Tallahassee, FL – The Office Lounge
2/15/14: Jacksonville, FL – Burro Bar
2/16/14: Orlando, FL – Will’s Pub
2/18/14: Savannah, GA – Hangfire Bar
2/19/14: Charleston, SC – Tin Roof
2/20/14: Greenville, SC – The Radio Room
2/21/14: Macon, GA – Roasted Cafe & Lounge
2/22/14: Athens, GA – Flickre Theater & Bar
2/23/14: Carrollton, GA – Alley Cat
2/26/14: Memphis, TN – Hi Tone
2/28/14: Alexandria, LA – Finnegan’s Wake
3/01/14: Jackson, MS – TurnUp Studios
3/03/14: Knoxville, TN – The Well
3/04/14: Spartanburg, SC – Little River Roasting Coffee Bar
3/05/14: Charlotte, NC – The Milestone
3/06/14: Carrboro, NC – Southern Rail Station
3/07/14: Reidsville, NC – Brad & Tammy’s Listening Loft
3/08/14: Washington D.C. – DC9
3/09/14: New York City – Pianos
3/11/14: Richmond, VA – Gallery 5
3/12/14: Atlanta, GA – The Earl

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