Emerging Indie Bands reviews Foxholes’ S/T album


Emerging Indie Bands reviews Foxholes‘ S/T album:

“Solidly scored and equally deftly delivered tracks…The compositions thread the multiple guitars through each other in intricate patterns…[‘Foxholes’] is a well formulated collections of songs.”


Robin’s Music Portal reviews Foxholes’ single “Sunny”


Robin’s Music Portal reviews “Sunny” off Foxholes forthcoming self-titled album, out May 26th, calling the band “dark, driving, and dangerous”:

Foxholes’ latest single “Sunny” gets pretty close to That Epic Riff…What they bring in ‘Sunny’ is a crunchy punch from the beginning that moves into a brooding 70s-era rocker – hearkening back to when indie rock and punk were truly underground and everything was being redefined. Foxholes matches the energy of their forefathers and has that inspired DIY feel.