Justin Fallen & the Angels on Independent Clauses


Independent Clauses shares “Dancehall,” the new video from Justin Fallen and the Angels:

I only lived in Austin for three-ish months, so I hardly count as a resident. Nevertheless, Justin Fallen and the Angels’ clip for “Dancehall (Rhythm of a Saturday Night)” makes me nostalgic for the city by featuring Austin landmarks. There’s also a great amount of dancing, which always endears me to a video.

OVRLD premieres Justin Fallen & The Angels’ music video for “Rock and Roll Kids”

Ovrld premieres Justin Fallen and the Angels’ music video for “Rock & Roll Kids,” from the new EP The Rock & Roll Kids! Check out the video, shot by Dustin Eastes and edited by 8th & Nyle:

As sad as it was to see Matt Simon and Phil Ajjarapu’s Eastern Sun Studios close down earlier this year, the blow is softened by the fact that the last album recorded there is also one of the finest. Justin Fallen and the Angels’ Rock & Roll Kids EP is a Sally Can’t Dance-esque throwback, full of the vintage tone and fuzzy personality that made Eastern Sun’s catalog so special.

KUTX Austin Music Minute features Justin Fallen and The Angels

KUTX Austin Music Minute features Justin Fallen and The Angels in advance of tonight’s EP release party at Hole in the Wall:

Songwriter Justin Fallen sees The Rock and Roll Kids as a “twenty minute snapshot” of nearly two years’ worth of dedication, endless work, and emotional roller-coaster trips on the new EP. “This is, for me, the finale of a hell of a lot of joy, sweat and tears”…The Rock and Roll Kids shows what Fallen is so passionate about: The timeless tradition of great storytelling in Texas songwriting. He proudly carries that torch with big doses of rock, country and soul coursing through his veins.

Justin Fallen and The Angels premiere full stream of The Rock & Roll Kids EP on Bucket Full of Nails

Justin Fallen and the Angels’ new EP The Rock and Roll Kids is out this Friday! Stream the full release at Bucket Full of Nails and pick up a copy in Austin at Hole in the Wall on Thursday:

Imagine Lou Reed thumbing a ride from the E Street Band, traveling from Lexington and 125th in Harlem to Texas, to catch Townes Van Zandt. Kissed by all three, Austin singer/songwriter Justin Fallen and his Angels affect the affability of Van Zandt, the largesse of Springsteen and grit of Reed on their new EP, The Rock & Roll Kids.

GroundSounds premieres Justin Fallen’s music video “Dancehall”

Watch Justin Fallen and the Angels’ celebration of Austin in their video for “Dancehall,” premiering on GroundSounds. Justin Fallen says this about the video:

Dancing is big for me – I dance in dancehalls and I dance when I’m on stage, so it was important to me that the first release be a dance song. I met up with Athan Bernal and Nyle Emerson, who call themselves 8th and Nyle, who have a passion that I connected with. We wanted to make sure Austin and the energy of the city that inspired the song was captured. They pretty much took it from there, got their friends together to do some dancing, and were creative about how to do the whole thing. Most of the shots are spontaneous and unplanned around town to catch the feel of the spirit of Austin.

6th street in Austin is pretty crazy. people go nuts when you stick a camera up in the middle of the street like that – that was all spur of the moment, with whoever was walking by joining in. We ended up having to leave early because it was too big of a scene – people were throwing full beer cans from the roof and college guys kept seeming to want to take off their clothes and simulate blowjobs in front of the camera. All that footage was done in less than fifteen minutes before it got too wild to even stay there.

There’s something mysterious about the whole thing, kind of a pied piper narrative – like everywhere you go, dancing can happen.