The Deli Austin reviews Pollen’s new “Buyer’s” EP

The Deli Austin reviews Pollen‘s Buyer’s EP, coming out on cassette on March 10th:

It’s raw as fuck music, both in terms of its no frills, no bullshit approach and for its true garage band sound, and single “Supply Chain” is one that’ll get pounding around in your head for a while. It’s a little bit old NYC dancepunk with a bit of D.C.’s The Evens, plus some Austin awareness and DIY that work pretty well together.

Through the Wire Music features Pollen’s “Supply Chain” as track of the day

Through the Wire Music features Pollen‘s “Supply Chain” as track of the day, which can be pre-ordered on the Buyer’s EP on cassette, out on March 10th:

“Poppy melodies and political lyrics gives them the edge to stand out from similar bands and they make perfect driving music.”

VIDEO PREMIERE: Death + Taxes premieres Pollen – “Apartment”

Death + Taxes premieres “Apartment,” the debut video by Austin garage punk trio Pollen off their debut S/T EP, out today on cassette and digital formats!

[‘Apartment’ has] an absurdly catchy chorus bookended by gritty verses, and the video’s got the same perfect combination of creepy (dark lighting, claustrophobic and dizzying camera-work) and playful (dancing in your underwear, living the twenty-something bohemian life) that the track embodies…It’s the perfect track if you’ve found yourself lately a bit like me right now: lying in bed in your underwear in a new apartment, listening to music, waiting for summer to “start.”

View the video at Death + Taxes and pick up the new EP on bandcamp!

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