RADIO: Tele Novella – Cosmic Dial Tone EP (Lolipop Records), going for radio adds on August 19th

Tele Novella’s debut EP Cosmic Dial Tone, recently released on cassette by Los Angeles psych pop label Lolipop Records, is going for radio adds on August 19th.

Track Listing:
1. Umbrella At The Station (3:42)
2. Trouble In Paradise (2:50)
3. Don’t Be A Stranger (2:14)
4. No Excalibur (3:36)
5. Coat-Tail Rider (3:10)
6. Hair Of The Dog (2:48)

Recommended tracks: #2, #3, #4
All tracks FCC clean.

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Tele Novella is Music Pick of the Week in Sacramento News & Review

Sacramento News & Review chooses Tele Novella as Music Pick of the Week and previews their upcoming show:

“This Tuesday, Sacramento rejoices…[Natalie Ribbons’ new project Tele Novella has] only released two songs so far, and already it’s getting some buzz on music blogs—partially because it’s Ribbons’ new project, but also because it is just damn good. Get there early. This show will sell out.”

Read the rest of the piece here.

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Tele Novella in Submerge Mag

Submerge Mag features Tele Novella, their new tracks, and their upcoming Sacramento show:

“[Tele Novella] recorded and released two wonderful psych-pop tracks that are sure to dominate your poolside playlists this summer. “Don’t Be a Stranger” opens with a groovy distorted bass line. It’s jingly and undeniably catchy. On it, Ribbons sings, “I woke up and didn’t feel inspired, I even tried, but trying made me tired.” We’ve all been there. The song’s got such a cool vibe to it and it clocks in at just over two-minutes, as to not get too repetitive and keeps you wanting more…Ribbons and crew are really onto something with these tracks, and we here at Submerge cannot wait for a further glimpse into the intriguing world of Tele Novella.”

Read the rest here.

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Impose Magazine features Tele Novella

Tele Novella in Impose

Impose Magazine features Tele Novella and their new track “No Excalibur”:

Oh, hello there, sweet darling. In a musical landscape drowning in dark, youthful, boyish aggression, there sometimes rises to the top a band for the feminine side in us all (boys included). Tele Novella, the latest project from members of Voxtrot, Belaire, and Agent Ribbons, is all sweetness and sumptuous 60s melodies and vocals as soft as a kitten’s fur. This is not to say that the femininity in Tele Novella is a bad thing—in fact, it serves the band well in a way that has elevated great twee-pop acts like Camera Obscura and Rilo Kiley. And although the #twee label often gets a bad reputation, Tele Novella does everything in their power with this lovely, rich track, “No Excalibur”, to prove that a little lightness never hurt anyone. Roll around in these glockenspiel twinkles and cymbal splashes—you’ll feel warmer after.

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Tour Dates: Tele Novella

Tele Novella Tour Poster (design: Cari Palazollo)

5/16/13: Bear Space Art Collective – El Paso, TX
5/17/13: Hotel Congress – Tucson, AR
5/18/13: The Rogue Bar – Phoenix, AR
5/19/13: Che Cafe – San Diego, CA
5/21/13: Ham & Eggs Tavern – Los Angeles, CA
5/22/13: Bootleg Bar – Los Angeles, CA
5/23/13: The Night Light – Oakland, CA
5/24/13: Deva Cafe – Modesto, CA
5/25/13: The National Hotel – Nevada City, CA
5/26/13: HickeyFest – Leggett, CA
5/28/13: Bows & Arrows – Sacramento, CA
5/29/13: The Palm Lounge – Eureka, CA
5/30/13: Cozmic Pizza – Eugene, OR
5/31/13: Record Room – Portland, OR
6/1/13: Dwell Hole – Tacoma, WA
6/3/13: Tsunami Bar & Grill – Wheeler, OR
6/4/13: The Kenton Club – Portland, OR
6/5/13: Heartland – Seattle, WA
6/6/13: Make.Shift Art Space – Bellingham, WA
6/7/13: The Sou’Western – Seaview, WA
6/8/13: The Northern – Olympia, WA
6/10/13: One World Cafe – Moscow, ID
6/13/13: Lion’s Lair – Denver, CO
6/14/13: Burt’s Tiki Lounge – Albuquerque, NM
6/20/13: Arthouse event ‘TESSERACT’ – Austin, TX
6/21/13: Holy Mountain – Austin, TX
6.27/13: Padre’s – Marfa, TX
6/28/13: Padre’s – Marfa, TX with Mikal Cronin