Magnet Magazine features The Shivers’ single “Soulmate” as MP3 at 3PM

MAGNET Magazine is featuring The Shivers‘ new single “Soulmate” as today’s MP3 at 3PM!

“This afternoon, we’re bringing ‘Soulmate’ to your attention: a steamy song that slithers along with a sad romance in its mellow keyboard backbone.”

Brooklyn Vegan recommends The Shivers’ 7″ release show

Tonight, The Shivers celebrate the release of their “Soulmate”/”Secret Language” 7″ at Rough Trade NYC at 8pm! Brooklyn Vegan recommends the show:

“Keith Zarriello’s long-running band The Shivers returned this year with ‘Grey Romantic,’ which is rooted in folk rock but also has hints of synthpop, soul, and more.”

Pancakes and Whiskey picks The Shivers’ 7″ release show as one of NYC’s Best Shows of the Week

Thanks to Pancakes and Whiskey for picking The Shivers‘ 7″ release show tonight at Rough Trade NYC as one of the best shows of the week!

“We premiered their gorgeous video last February called ‘The Dirty Shed’ and got an amazing response from you all about it. Now’s your chance to catch The Shivers live at Rough Trade.”

Play Too Much features The Shivers’ 7″ release show one of NYC’s 5 best shows of the weekend

Play Too Much calls The Shivers‘ 7″ release show at Rough Trade NYC one of the 5 best shows of the weekend!

Led by singer-songwriter Keith Zarriello, The Shivers recorded their very first record in Brooklyn back in 2001 and now they return for a night of grooving at Rough Trade NYC. Since the release of that first record, The Shivers have amassed quite the loyal following including celebrity endorsements from Aaron Paul, Daniel Radcliffe, and Rose McIver among others.