RothnRoll’s Palace of Rock features The Slowdown’s new video “Right On T.V.”

RothnRoll’s Palace of Rock features The Slowdown’s new video for “Right On TV,” the second single from their sophomore full-length Digital Gold (2014), which sets a gauzy mood as a backdrop for exploring technologically-enhanced isolation.

Directed by Dan Meyers
Actress Christina Hoskins
Videography by Kevin Schowengerdt and Zachary Van Benthusen
Editing and post production by Johanna Brooks

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Song Premiere: The Slowdown reveal new track “Right on TV” on Secret Note

Secret Note premieres the new song from The Slowdown, “Right on TV”, off their forthcoming sophomore full-length Digital Gold, out next month on Celebrity Narrators!

The Slowdown’s latest single, “Right on TV” takes the listener through a slow burn groove drawing influence from all over the classic and contemporary spectrum shepherded by the resonant vocals of singer Sam Hoskins. Serge Gainsbourg in his Jen Claude Vannier phase is written all over this track with a gritty, funky, spaced out experimental goodness. As if Bowie and Iggy were getting loaded on the town nightclubbing in a Daft Punk Studio 54.

Check out “Right on TV” here!

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