New Album: Hellblinki – These Bubbles Come From Ants

These Bubbles Come From Ants is Hellblinki’s 4th studio album, and the first that follows a traditional album format, released in September of 2011 on vinyl and compact disc. The basic tracks were recorded and mixed at Seizure’s Palace in Brooklyn by Jason LaFarge, who has also recorded “Angels of Light” (Michael Gira of the SWANS) and has worked with Devandra Banhardt and The Dresden Dolls. The albums was mastered at SAW by Roger Sieble (The Decemberists, Modest Mouse, Tortoise).

“Mix it up into a pot/some black and gorgeous master plot,” Hellblinki’s master of cermeonies Andrew Benjamin sings over jaunty horns and barbed guitar lines on “Bubbles,” the opening track from the band’s fourth full-length. The lyric works as a thesis too, for this Asheville-based outfit’s darkly comic music, conjured out of bits of Weimar Republic cabaret, Italian operetta, infernal Slavic folk waltzes and psycho swamp blues. Benjamin’s “fiends” and “zombie kings” flirt with madness and chaos, drawn to the flames of power, lust and lechery – or perhaps driven there by the songs, where singing saws shadow operatic vocals. Accordion and tuba do a dance macabre, and mariachi horns mingle with Middle Eastern melodies…”
– John Schacht Shuffle

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