Press: Orlando Weekly previews Daymoths show

Orlando Weekly previews Daymoths show:

“In the mid-aughts, when indie hip-hop mavens Slug and Murs had crossed over just enough to propel Slug’s rap imprint (Rhymesayers) and a Warner Bros. record deal for Murs, the pair co-founded a label called Women Records. The intent was to release music by the bands in their respective cities – Los Angeles and Minneapolis – that they’d come to know and love but weren’t exactly going to benefit from their hip-hop-minded contacts. One of those bands was the Hold Steady. Another was quirky Minnesota outfit Vox Vermillion, whose bassist, Ollie Dodge, and cellist, Emily Dantuma, currently comprise the duo Daymoths. Taking front and center on keyboards and vocals, Dantuma reveals a voice and presence with genuine heft and charisma in contrast with the now-defunct Vox Vermillion’s lyrical airiness, while her husband, Dodge, who moved behind the drum kit for this project, supports Dantuma harmonically as much as rhythmically.” – Justin Strout

// Daymoths media page //

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