The Missoulian features Hellblinki

The Missoulian features Hellblinki and their upcoming show:

“A night of demonic cabaret and pirate music that’d be perfect for Halloween is arriving too early this year. But if you’re feeling ghoulish, or just enjoy three-quarter time, there’s a Missoula performance this Friday from Hellblinki…Hellblinki is just as likely to combine Kurt Weill theatrics, waltz time signatures, punk guitar lines, references to the world’s end and whatever else they like – often a trumpet solo – into a single song. Each member of the group contributes a variety of instruments to this music, in which mood and odd ornamentation is key…“Bubbles,” off the group’s most recent release, “These Bubbles Come from Ants,” shows the group in its fastest paces: Benjamin speak-sings about end times, falling buildings and broken hearts over a sea-shanty rhythm and broken-bottle guitar lines. The chorus, meanwhile, has a wordless, operatic melody from Meiss.”

// Hellblinki media page //

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