Kansas City Star weekly singles feature Jenny Dalton and Peculiar Pretzelmen

The Kansas City Star singles this week include songs by Jenny Dalton and The Peculiar Pretzelmen:

“Listening to the Peculiar Pretzelmen is almost as much of a treat as seeing them live. The sounds they produce are brazen and raw — rootsy music with a punk rock attitude, including homemade percussion and guitars, and emotive screaming vocals a la Tom Waits.”

// The Peculiar Pretzelmen media page //

“‘Awake’ is primarily driven by Minneapolis singer-songwriter Jenny Dalton’s mystical voice. With tribal drum beats and an atmospheric vocal sound, the song has a haunting element. Dalton’s ethereal sound channels Tori Amos and Florence Welch, and a touch of Ani DiFranco.”

// Jenny Dalton media page //

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