Sirens of Decay picks Weird Mob’s “School For Akters” as Song of the Week


Sirens of Decay picks “School For Akters” by Weird Mob as Song of the Week and deftly unpacks the track:

Weird Mob’s sound isn’t exactly lo-fi, but they possess a definite nostalgia for retro noise and maybe a touch of romanticism for the simplistic. Their biggest strength (on top of their awesome songwriting ideas) is their incredible ability to meld an amazing harmony of guitars and keys. The keys really stood out for me in this track – they create this outer space/twilight sensation…I also appreciate how no singular part of their ensemble dominates another. In the end, it all comes down to Gibson’s vocals and his particular style that provides some strangely sunny take on a movie theater cult.

Read the full review here!

// Weird Mob media page //

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