DSM Shows reviews Karen Meat & the Players new EP

DSM Shows reviews the new Karen Meat & the Computer EP by Karen Meat & the Players, out on March 3rd on cassette and digital formats on Red Nude Tapes.

For an album that contains songs that are mostly about pizza, beer, and dysfunctional relationships, Karen Meat’s latest offering, ‘Karen Meat & The Computer,’ is utterly and unrelentingly adorable. In the span of just five tracks, from three different songwriters, they manage to articulate a unified theme and a fresh, challenging take on the world that is vexingly rooted in both the kitschy and the macabre. Somehow it is both cute and gritty, exhibiting pop sensibilities in equal measure to it’s hooligan nature.

Read the rest of the review at DSM Shows and pre-order the cassette or pick it up in Des Moines at Vaudeville Mews on Friday, February 27th.

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