DSMINB’s David Murphy reviews Karen Meat & the Computer

David Murphy reviews Karen Meat & the Computer for Beats For The Soul on Des Moines Is Not Boring. He has this to say about Karen Meat & the Players‘ debut cassette, out on March 3rd on Red Nude Tapes:

Somewhere along the way though, Elizabeth Arynn went and vanished. Her brand of easy going pop not only disappeared, but she did as well. As it turns out, Elizabeth Arynn was maybe just a phase. The person behind her was a singer/songwriter/artist named Arin Eaton. Eaton decided to spin away from Drifter and into a new whiskey fueled Nashville cow-punk named Karen Meat. Suddenly, Karen Meat was playing these new songs about fights and food but also Elizabeth’s songs, only with a snarl and an edge and, quite frankly, I didn’t like it. I didn’t like it because I thought it was bad (it wasn’t); I didn’t like it because I held Arynn so close to my heart and it seemed like she was long gone.

As my luck would have it, Arynn, Karen and Arin found a way to finally co-exist. And that wonderful co-existence is highlighted on Karen Meat and the Players new tape Karen Meat and the Computer. Karen Meat is still dominating, with her songs about junk food and overt blood metaphors, but you see the glimpses of pop sensibilities that made Drifter such a darling album for me…So let’s all raise our mason jars and flasks and cheap beers for a toast. Elizabeth Arynn is dead; long live Karen Meat.

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