VIDEO PREMIERE: Brightest Young Things premieres Weird Mob’s “Nu American Haircutz”

Brightest Young Things premieres “likely…year-end best-of list” contender “Nu American Haircutz” by Weird Mob! Front man Dave Gibson says of the video:

Weird Mob is not a cool looking band. We ran with that, casting ourselves as a 1980s news team and shooting the whole thing with the video camera that I bought as a 10 year old in 1987. During production, I was also processing a collection of video tapes related to the 1985 release of New Coke at the Library of Congress, and most of the news clips we incorporated into the video were accurate to the period (including the stock report from March 1985). It was as if I couldn’t escape 1985, at home or at work.

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