Music Existence reviews Phosphene EP


Music Existence reviews Phosphene’s new EP Breaker:

Silver” has a bit of a 90s vibe in its alternative electric guitar style instrumentation, but still retains the lo fi sound the band is known for. The layering of Frankel’s voice on top of one another separates this song from others on the EP and shows that the band isn’t afraid to experiment a bit. It is reminiscent of something Best Coast or duo Tennis would release, putting Phosphene in good company, but it never feels derivative. When Frankel moans gloriously “let’s start spinning til the sky booms” one can’t help but be in complete swoonworthy mode sailing along with her.

…Heartbreaking and heavenly with vibrant lyrics and relaxing vocals from Frankel, Breaker is the perfect EP you need for relaxing by the pool on a summer day.

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