Creative Loafing Tampa previews PLEASURES’ show


Creative Loafing Tampa previews tonight’s PLEASURES homecoming show at Fubar Downtown:

Just like that, Pleasure is back. After a five-week tour that took the greater Bay area psych-rockers through the Sunshine State, up through the midwest and right through the butthole of Texas, frontwoman Katherine Kelly & co. return to the ‘Burg (who cares what the cool kids call it) for a homecoming show that also serves to celebrate the release of their 2016 LP, Fucked Up Dreams Come True, which plays like a variety hour where the devil gets a hold of an MPC while every demented soul he’s been left with in hell fills the figurative studio with strange howling noises all running through a pedal board only an octopod could navigate. The effort is a pure dance party, and it takes all kinds of cajones to go on the road the way Pleasures does, so buy them a shot or three at this rager. Experience that m-fer below.

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