All Things Go premieres The Slowdown’s new single “Look Older”


All Things Go premieres The Slowdown‘s new single “Look Older”:

Gorgeous, though drenched despair, ‘Look Older’ plunges into the solipsistic trench at the heart of the human condition. Guitars and synth dance in annular swirls as a voice skates across the frozen backdrop and breathily delivers the bad news: we’re all painfully and irrevocably lonely. Coolly delivered heartache has never sounded so sweet.

Music Defined premieres Gloom Balloon’s music video “Alone In My Head”

Music Defined premieres Gloom Balloon‘s music video “Alone In My Head”:

A while back he was selling shirts that say ‘Pat Sounds,’ a play on The Beach Boys of course, but I think that DTEOTGOG,UTSATM is the closest to Brian Wilson any human deserves to get. The production is totally compelling, drawing your ear to sounds that have little to do with the melody, but help make up the whole. It’s an atmospheric record that can also be enjoyed purely on the surface-a rare treat for music lovers.

All Things Go premieres Gloom Balloon’s new music video “Saddest Story Ever”

All Things Go premieres Gloom Balloon‘s new single and music video for “Saddest Story Ever”!

“Saddest Story Ever” depicts the momentary lapses in reason that often accompany drinking alone. Vocal patterns appear and disappear, pirouetting in the haze while Mellotron doom and the inevitability of the spoken word drag the listener into a downward spiral.

The track is off their forthcoming sophomore album Drying the Tears of the Goddess of Gloom, Underneath the Stars and the Moon out September 1st on Maximum Ames Records.

Brooklyn Vegan recommends The Shivers’ 7″ release show

Tonight, The Shivers celebrate the release of their “Soulmate”/”Secret Language” 7″ at Rough Trade NYC at 8pm! Brooklyn Vegan recommends the show:

“Keith Zarriello’s long-running band The Shivers returned this year with ‘Grey Romantic,’ which is rooted in folk rock but also has hints of synthpop, soul, and more.”

Pancakes and Whiskey picks The Shivers’ 7″ release show as one of NYC’s Best Shows of the Week

Thanks to Pancakes and Whiskey for picking The Shivers‘ 7″ release show tonight at Rough Trade NYC as one of the best shows of the week!

“We premiered their gorgeous video last February called ‘The Dirty Shed’ and got an amazing response from you all about it. Now’s your chance to catch The Shivers live at Rough Trade.”

Play Too Much features The Shivers’ 7″ release show one of NYC’s 5 best shows of the weekend

Play Too Much calls The Shivers‘ 7″ release show at Rough Trade NYC one of the 5 best shows of the weekend!

Led by singer-songwriter Keith Zarriello, The Shivers recorded their very first record in Brooklyn back in 2001 and now they return for a night of grooving at Rough Trade NYC. Since the release of that first record, The Shivers have amassed quite the loyal following including celebrity endorsements from Aaron Paul, Daniel Radcliffe, and Rose McIver among others.

Kansas City Star previews Shells’ debut EP release show

Shells‘ debut release New Bones is out Friday, July 21st! Thanks to Bill Brownlee and Timothy Finn at The Kansas City Star for previewing the Thursday, July 20th release party at The Riot Room:

Inspiration can spring from the most unlikely of places. A bout of postpartum depression led Kansas City singer/songwriter Riley Brown to create new music. She said she began working on material “right after my son was born when I was feeling a little bit blue.” Under the banner of Shells, Brown will perform wispy, electronic-laced folk-rock material from her new release at a matinee show Thursday on the patio stage of the Riot Room.

Impose premieres Gloom Balloon’s music video “Drying the Eyes of the Goddess of Gloom”

Impose premieres Gloom Balloon‘s new music video for “Drying the Eyes of the Goddess of Gloom” off their forthcoming sophomore LP, out on 9/1/17 on Maximum Ames Records!

“the perfect ballad…an intriguing sound…accompanied by an even more intriguing music video”

Gloom Balloon reveals first single off forthcoming album with a premiere on Vents Magazine

Gloom Balloon premiere “Drying the Eyes of the Goddess of Gloom” with Vents Magazine. Stream the first single from their sophomore LP, Drying the Eyes of the Goddess of Gloom, Under the Stars and the Moon, out September 1st on Maximum Ames Records:

The song is the center piece of the record. It’s all about the stages of falling in love. It’s a lot of stories rolled into one and I had to write this one to make me believe I could even start thinking about making a new record. The production is like all my musical influences wrapped into a big box with a tag that says ‘I love you, now pull me into the bathroom and kiss me already!’

Album Review of Tomten’s ‘Cremation Songs’ on Artist Home

Tomten‘s Cremation Songs album release show is tonight at The Sunset in Seattle! Thanks to Tony Kay for the excellent review on Artist Home:

There’s something about hearing a great pop single in the flush of a gorgeous summer day that can crystalize every gold-tinted summertime moment you’ve ever experienced into three or four minutes of sustained bliss…Cremation Songs is another finely-crafted, near-perfect jewel in Tomten’s baroque pop treasure chest…Cremation Songs is, first and foremost, one gorgeous bit of songcraft.

Impose premieres the full stream of Shells’ debut release ‘New Bones’

Impose premieres the full stream of Shells‘ debut release New Bones:

In the six track EP, Shells communicates both the pensiveness and the peace – lyrics that have the edge, with calm tunes and a delicate voice that provide the hope. ‘Fragments’ is the tune that will draw you in with a lush orchestral movement at the beginning, segueing into an easy beat with words that are weary with hope.

90.9 The Bridge picks Shells’ new single as an Essential Summer Song from the Heartland

90.9 The Bridge picks Shells‘ new single “Treading Water” as one of their essential summer songs from the heartland!

With wispy vocal layers and zesty electronic embellishments, our introduction to Shells elicits the breeziness of summer. Tucked beneath it is a heavy sense of melancholy, characterized by Riley Brown’s lyrical content and an expansive, cerebral beat. Keep your eyes peeled for a premiere of the singer-songwriter’s forthcoming single next week.

Atwood Magazine premieres Shells’ new single, title track from forthcoming debut release “New Bones”

Atwood Magazine premieres the new single and title track off Shells‘ forthcoming debut release New Bones:

On the second single and title track off debut EP ‘New Bones,’ Shells show ambition, honesty, and an incredible way of reflecting upon past experiences and learning from them…Writing about heartache is definitely not a new feat, but it is hard to find someone who addresses the topic with such maturity as Shells do.