Press: Orlando Weekly previews Daymoths show

Orlando Weekly previews Daymoths show:

“In the mid-aughts, when indie hip-hop mavens Slug and Murs had crossed over just enough to propel Slug’s rap imprint (Rhymesayers) and a Warner Bros. record deal for Murs, the pair co-founded a label called Women Records. The intent was to release music by the bands in their respective cities – Los Angeles and Minneapolis – that they’d come to know and love but weren’t exactly going to benefit from their hip-hop-minded contacts. One of those bands was the Hold Steady. Another was quirky Minnesota outfit Vox Vermillion, whose bassist, Ollie Dodge, and cellist, Emily Dantuma, currently comprise the duo Daymoths. Taking front and center on keyboards and vocals, Dantuma reveals a voice and presence with genuine heft and charisma in contrast with the now-defunct Vox Vermillion’s lyrical airiness, while her husband, Dodge, who moved behind the drum kit for this project, supports Dantuma harmonically as much as rhythmically.” – Justin Strout

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Press: New Times Broward-Palm Beach interviews Daymoths

Things that you’ll know about Daymoths after reading this New Times Broward-Palm Beach interview: the ingredients of their soap, that they’ve been in love for 15 years (!!!), and that their relationship with South Florida began the way the best things on the road begin – musicians helping musicians. Something you still won’t know after reading this interview: they have an urban chicken coop.

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Press: Daymoths in Creative Loafing Tampa

Creative Loafing previews Daymoths show in Tampa

“St. Paul, Minn. indie pop rock two-piece Daymoths produces airy, up-tempo songs imbued with haunting sweetness via the piano and organ melodies and high piping vocals of Emily Dantuma, all carried on the sturdy rhythms of drummer/husband Ollie Dodge. Last year saw the release of their first full-length, Back In Time, and they hit town on the latest round of tour dates in support.”

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Press: ReGen Magazine reviews Daymoths album

ReGen Magazine review Daymoths debut album Back In Time:

With this low-key style that consists principally of drums and organ usually accompanied by sweet, dramatic female vocals with male backing vocals, the group takes on the feel of a vastly mellower version of the Dresden Dolls, though instead of the bombastic piano work, Daymoths provide slow and simple organ work…For those who have fallen in love with the dark cabaret style, Daymoths offer a similar flavor, but its flirtation with indie rock gives their sound a lighter, less weighty feel…the tracks are a brief but lovely diversion.

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mp3/Video: Daymoths – “Thank You”

Daymoths are writing new material for their follow-up release and will be hitting the road again this July with their new songs before they go into the studio this fall. Download the new mp3 and view the new video for “Thank You”, the third single from their debut album, and see Daymoths on tour this summer!

Thank You
Back In Time (2011)

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Tour Dates: Daymoths

Daymoths are refilling the merch bins and heading out for another round of shows in July!

July 12: Des Moines, IA – Vaudeville Mews
July 13: Omaha, NE – The Sidedoor
July 14: Kansas City, MO – Czar Bar
July 16: St. Louis, MO – Urban Lounge
July 17: Little Rock, AR – Dedicated Visual Arts Studio
July 18: New Orleans, LA – All Ways Lounge
July 20: Gainesville, FL – Mars Pub
July 21: Tampa, FL – Yeoman’s
July 23: Delray Beach, FL – Dada’s
July 24: Lake Worth, FL – Speak Easy
July 26: Orlando, FL – Stardust Video
July 27: Jacksonville, FL – Burro Bar
July 28: Savannah, GA – The Wormhole
July 29: Carrollton, GA – Alley Cat
July 30: Athens, GA – Go Bar
July 31: Augusta, GA – Soul Bar
Aug 1: Atlanta, GA – Eastside Lounge
Aug 3: Lexington, KY – Green Lantern
Aug 4: Chicago, IL – Kinzie Corridor Gallery/ The Arts of Life
Aug 5: Madison, WI – Dragonfly Lounge

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