Surviving the Golden Age reviews SIRES’ new album ‘Soul For Sale’


Truthfully, there’s something special here…If SIRES doesn’t become the next big thing, I’d be a bit disappointed. For all those looking for a refreshing listen –a series of emotional lines mixed with a variety of inspired alt rock melodies –look no further. Few albums are so universally palatable and yet equally fun to listen to. I’m sold, on Soul for Sale.

Surviving the Golden Age wrote a fantastic review of SIRES new album ‘Soul For Sale,’ out now on Station 1 Records.

Little Village Magazine reviews SIRES album


“If SIRES did sell their soul for this rock and roll, they got their money’s worth. They’ve crafted an album packed with smart, bright classic hooks as well as dark, lusty bombastic rhythms: an impressive juxtaposition”

Thanks to Little Village Mag for the great review of SIRES’ new album Soul For Sale, out this Friday on Station 1 Records!

SIRES premiere “My Everything” music video with The Vinyl District


Head over to The Vinyl District to watch the new music video from SIRES for “My Everything,” a track about destructive obsession—obsession with image, people, and perfection to the point where anything less than perfect violates your looking glass self. “My Everything” is off the forthcoming album Soul For Sale, out October 21st on Station 1 Records:

With a booming drum beat that goes back to early rock, covered by overlaid choruses and harp strings, the new track from the Iowa band SIRES carries legacy in its sound, even as its big production video looks at something more modern—cyber bullying and its effects…the band isn’t long for merely the cornfields of central Iowa.