Robin’s Music Portal reviews Foxholes’ single “Sunny”


Robin’s Music Portal reviews “Sunny” off Foxholes forthcoming self-titled album, out May 26th, calling the band “dark, driving, and dangerous”:

Foxholes’ latest single “Sunny” gets pretty close to That Epic Riff…What they bring in ‘Sunny’ is a crunchy punch from the beginning that moves into a brooding 70s-era rocker – hearkening back to when indie rock and punk were truly underground and everything was being redefined. Foxholes matches the energy of their forefathers and has that inspired DIY feel.

BeatRoute interviews Bad Animal


BeatRoute caught up with Bad Animal for an interview at the start of their tour:

You’ve likely already heard the spellbinding sounds of Calgary’s Bad Animal on the streets of downtown. Their mesmerizing indie rock riffs conjoin with heart and hip captivating bass, anchored by rhythmic drums. Fronted by a forceful frontman with lively vocals, they create the soundtrack to your perfectly sweaty night out. Time spent with the band generally ends the same way: with a room is full of people blissfully drenched in beer and sweat.

GroundSounds premieres Foxholes’ music video “Sunny”


GroundSounds premieres Foxholes’ new music video “Sunny,” off their self-titled album out on May 26th:

The concept came from this fear of having a mind debilitating disease in the later phases of life where you can’t readily access memories and can no longer live independently. For the video, I wanted to put a (little) lighter spin on it and do this Thelma & Louise type thing where an old man and his granddaughter go out for an afternoon for some fun but things escalate…

Indie30 features PLEASURES


Indie30 features PLEASURES and their new music video “Luscious Wave”:

…their dark pop oriented and intensely dreamy new single, ‘Luscious Wave’. A master work of angular sonic manipulation where nothing is at it seems, from the warped yet inviting vocal approach of vocalist/guitarist Katherine Kelly to the soundscape shifting effects employed to each instrument, it’s an enveloping and thrilling ride.

Atwood Magazine premieres Jesse Etc’s new single “Tightropes”


Atwood Magazine premieres the new single “Tightropes”:

Jesse Etc.’s “Tightropes” is an eclectic mix of futuristic synth pop and nostalgic melodies with the epic plea to choose love over fear…Jesse Etc’s songwriting and producing are nothing short of pop bliss. It’s Passion Pit, meets BØRNS, meets obscure bands from all across the docket, creating a sound that is uniquely its own.

WMFO features Bad Pop’s single as Song of the Week


Bad Pop’s “Bad Pop” is SONG OF THE WEEK on 91.5 WMFO Music Savage in advance of their Boston show at Middle East Upstairs:

a high-octane, kick in the pants track that blasts off the instant you press play, and takes you on a two minute tear through fuzzed-out guitar riffs and jittery bass lines. Tie it all together with drums going a hundred miles an hour and you have yourself a song that will wake you up faster than twenty cups of highly caffeinated coffee! picks The Shivers’ album release as a top February show

keith_shivers-timpetersen_02 picks The Shivers’ album release as a top February show in NYC:

NYC’s rock outfit The Shivers will hold the record release show for their new album ‘Grey Romantic,’ which is the follow up to their 2015 release ‘Forever Is A Word.’ The evening will also feature performances from Belle Mare, Ashni, and Ben Talmi. A portion of the proceeds will go towards The Jed Foundation.

The Stranger highlights La Petite Mort’s Dark Cabaret


The Stranger highlights La Petite Mort’s Dark Cabaret as a Stranger (Than Usual) Thing To Do In Seattle This Week:

Diva le Déviant will introduce you to the esoteric artists and performers of La Petite Mort (psssst… it means orgasm in French!!!): burlesque teasers Shanghai Pearl, Nina Nightshade, and Czech Mate & Anna Clara Buoyant, hula hooper Indigo Sky, glass walker Kali von Wunderkammer, stilts walker Alison Gale, juggler Jpeace Lovecircus, and variety queens Eva Walker and Leslie Rosen.

Northern Transmissions premieres PLEASURES’ new music video “Luscious Wave”


Northern Transmissions premieres PLEASURES’ trippy “Luscious Wave” music video:

“‘Luscious Wave’ is…about falling in love and never wanting to be apart. It celebrates people in our lives who make us feel like we can do anything by bringing out the most honest version of ourselves.”

Lockeland Springsteen reviews Apollo Wild’s “No Love Lost” release show

Lockeland Springsteen reviews Apollo Wild’s “No Love Lost” release show at The High Watt:

…if Apollo Wild’s release show served as a barometer for their future, then their future is beaming with rock n roll brilliance. Sure, they’re relatively new and ‘No Love Lost’ is their initial release, but you wouldn’t have known any better from their live presence. As referenced in their Nashville Five before the show, Apollo Wild has a rare opportunity to assume the mantle of Nashville’s next-wave of alt-rock bands.