The Peculiar Pretzelmen premiere “John The Revelator” on Popa’s Tunes!

The Peculiar Pretzelmen premiere their version of blues staple “John The Revelator”, which “takes shape amidst a stormy build, with the layered swell of theremin, electric mandola, and moody baritone sax punctuated with expectant gongs and torn open by the chillingly rabid call and sweetly echoing response that imbue the prophet’s declaration with terror and excitement.”

The Peculiar Pretzelmen lurk in the shadows emitting eerie sounds and spectral lights luring the curious and adventurous down dark alleys and untrodden lanes to flashy Cabaret’s and conspiratle Pubs. Whispers from unseen corners rise to a claterous chant Deeper, Darker, Weirder. Deeper, Darker, Weirder. Here at Popa’s Tunes world headquaters we are fixated on things Deeper. Darker, Weirder, and The Deacon with his ‘Felix the Cat’ bag of magical intruments and the mysterious M. Incroyable of The Peculiar Pretzelmen have a voodoo spell on us and everything they do gets us dancing like banshees with rubber chickens around ceremonial fires…

Check out “John The Revelator” over at Popa’s Tunes!

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The Deli Magazine KC premieres The Peculiar Pretzelmen’s new song “Howling Gale”

The Peculiar Pretzelmen have premiered their new track “Howling Gale” from the forthcoming Gentlemen Scoundrels: Rule Book Volume I EP with The Deli Magazine KC! Michelle Bacon of The Deli describes the song as

a bare bones but vicious three-minute attack that is simultaneously sparse and mammoth. M. Incroyable’s aggressive vocal phrasings tower over his austere banjo riff. The Deacon drives each song with unique percussion, which, according to their bio, is “less drum kit and more spoils of an old man’s work bench.” The chicks and booms of various found objects round out the gritty, in-your-face vibe of the track.

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Peculiar Pretzelmen in Provo Daily Herald Extra

Provo’s Daily Herald Extra previews Peculiar Pretzelmen’s upcoming June 14th show:

Rock tour: Coming to Provo on Friday is the Los Angeles-based avant-americana rockers Peculiar Pretzelmen. Known for its unique other-worldly sounds and passion, Peculiar Pretzelmen consists of the rock duo, M. Incroyable, who tackles vocals, guitar, mandocello, banjo and ukulele, and Deacon on the drums and percussion. To get your own taste of the duo, head to ABG’s Emporium, a 21-and-up venue located at 190 W. Center St. in Provo, on Friday at 9 p.m. Peculiar Pretzelmen will be playing with El Drifte (The Drifting Reverend) in support of “Gentlemen Scoundrels: Rule Book Vol. I.” Tickets to the show are $8 and can be purchased at the door. For more information on Peculiar Pretzelmen, visit

Read the piece here!

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Tour Dates: Peculiar Pretzelmen

6/13/13: Boulder City, NV – The Dillinger
6/14/13: Provo, UT – ABG’s Emporium
6/15/13: Colorado Springs, CO – Zodiac
6/16/13: Denver, CO – Walnut Room
6/18/13: Casper, WY – The Wonder Bar
6/21/13: Spearfish, SD – Killian’s Tavern
6/22/13: Trenton, NE – Pondstock
6/23/13: Ft. Collins, CO – Surfside 7 (special junkbox set)
6/28/13: Salem, OR – Cokie’s Landing (solo M. Incroyable)

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Willamette Live! previews The Peculiar Pretzelmen show in Salem

Willamette Live! previews The Peculiar Prezelmen show in Salem:

“Salem’s favorite local band that’s not actually from Salem, The Peculiar Pretzelmen will descend on the Cherry City once again for a night of old-time-y debauchery and hoot n’ hollerin’. Now a two-man band, The Peculiar Pretzelmen have been touring the lower 48 for more than a half-decade with their dusty suitcases full of vaudeville-worthy instruments and a sound that’s not quite historically accurate enough to be considered delta blues, folk or Americana. Whatever they are, they’ve been able to sustain a following in Salem longer than any other, sending attendees home with a smile on their face and a wobble in their step. Don’t fix what ain’t broke.”

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The Fourth Estate features The Peculiar Pretzelmen

University of Wisconsin – Green Bay newspaper The Fourth Estate features The Peculiar Pretzelmen:

“The Peculiar Pretzelmen has elements of Modest Mouse, Les Claypool and Primus…There is darkness to it. I love the choice of instruments in their songs and that some are home made. I don’t think there is anything that I dislike about the Peculiar Pretzelmen.”

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Kansas City Star weekly singles feature Jenny Dalton and Peculiar Pretzelmen

The Kansas City Star singles this week include songs by Jenny Dalton and The Peculiar Pretzelmen:

“Listening to the Peculiar Pretzelmen is almost as much of a treat as seeing them live. The sounds they produce are brazen and raw — rootsy music with a punk rock attitude, including homemade percussion and guitars, and emotive screaming vocals a la Tom Waits.”

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“‘Awake’ is primarily driven by Minneapolis singer-songwriter Jenny Dalton’s mystical voice. With tribal drum beats and an atmospheric vocal sound, the song has a haunting element. Dalton’s ethereal sound channels Tori Amos and Florence Welch, and a touch of Ani DiFranco.”

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Tour Dates: Peculiar Pretzelmen

The Peculiar Pretzelmen kick off the final leg of the Deeper Darker Weirder Tour:

10/05/2012: Tempe, AZ – Tempe Tavern
10/06/2012: Albuquerque, NM – Stranger Factory
10/07/2012: Amarillo, TX – The 806 Coffee + Lounge
10/08/2012: Tulsa, OK – Mercury Lounge
10/09/2012: Peoria, IL – Meadows Avenue Tap
10/10/2012: Chicago, IL – Reggie’s Music Joint
10/11/2012: Grand Rapids, MI – Founders Brewing Company
10/12/2012: South Bend, IN – Golden Gnome
10/13/2012: Green Bay, WI – The Crunchy Frog
10/14/2012: Milwaukee, WI – Frank’s Power Plant
10/19/2012: Kansas City, MO – Coda Bar & Grill
10/25/2012: Wichita, KS – Kirby’s Beer Store
10/28/2012: Colorado Springs, CO – Zodiac Venue & Bar
10/31/2012: Seattle, WA – Columbia City Theater
11/02/2012: Bellingham, WA – The Green Frog
11/03/2012: Seattle, WA – Rendezvous/The Jewel Box Theater
11/07/2012: Los Angeles, CA – Club Los Globos

Press: Peculiar Pretzelmen in Popa’s Tunes

Popa’s Tunes featured The Peculiar Pretzelmen:

If Mark Twain and Edgar Allen Poe had collaborated on a story about traveling American musicians, they couldn’t have imagined ‘The Peculiar Pretzelmen.’ Deeper. Darker, Weirder is their mantra as they travel horse and cart across the country, bringing their blend of Jazz, Cemetery Blues and Avantmercanna Folk to the masses. They did three sessions for Couch by Couchwest this year from Stranger Factory in Albuquerque, NM. Check out their discography on bandcamp, wicked good.

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