The Bluegrass Situation premieres Levi Parham’s single “Steal Me”


The Bluegrass Situation premieres “Steal Me,” the new single from Levi Parham off his forthcoming full-length These American Blues, out June 24th from Music Road Records.


Heavy Blog Is Heavy premieres Druids’ new single “Capturing the Firemares”


Heavy Blog Is Heavy premieres the new single “Capturing the Firemares” from Druids‘ forthcoming album Cycles of Mobeum, coming out on June 3rd from Sump Pump Records:

The stuff is pretty great, and has tinges of Mastodon and early Baroness all throughout it. The production is extremely crisp and cutting, which is not something I’m used to hearing from this type of band, so it threw me for a bit of surprise. However, once you understand it’s what the band was going for, you’ll be all about it.


Surviving the Golden Age premieres John Dillon single “The Fox”


Surviving the Golden Age premieres “The Fox,” the new single from Seattle’s John Dillon (members of Tomten, Kithkin, & friends), from their debut album The Lost Estate – coming out on vinyl and digital from Plume Records on March 25th:

“The track mixes vintage aesthetics with modern dream pop…reminiscent of Edwyn Collins‘ “A Girl Like You” with a sci-fi tilt.”

Exclaim premieres Phosphene single “Ride”


Exclaim! has the premiere of Phosphene‘s new single “Ride”:

That tightened sound shines through on “Ride,” without losing any of the hazy breeziness that draws the listener in and keeps them swaying along and raptly gazing at their shoes. Hear the band serve up their latest slice of sweet, shoegaze-y goodness by hitting play.

Copperfox single “Feel in the Void” premieres on GroundSounds


The new Copperfox single “Feel in the Void” premieres over at GroundSounds!

“Featuring haunting pop melodies over moody chord structures, Nashville based dream-pop ensemble Copperfox are gearing up for their third release, the forthcoming EP ‘Haunts.’ The project is layered with atmospheric vibes and surging synths…”

Copperfox single “War Horse” premieres on Surviving the Golden Age


“War Horse,” the first single from Copperfox’s forthcoming EP HAUNTS, just premiered over at Surviving the Golden Age!

[‘War Horse’] straddles the line between shoegaze and jangle pop. With singer Lisa Garcia’s reverbed vocals, the track is reminiscent of Lush or Dum Dum Girls. With its energy and surfy vibes, its a summer ready track released just before Christmas.