Pageant single “Beautiful (Caught up in the Moment)” premieres on GroundSounds

Pageant premieres their first single from their forthcoming Endless Sun EP on GroundSounds. Pageant’s Derek Porter had this to say about writing “Beautiful (Caught up in the Moment)”:

I wrote the song “Beautiful (Caught up in the Moment)” after ending a relationship and reflecting on what I wanted from a partner. Many people who hear the song think it’s about this ideal love I was experiencing, but truthfully it’s about what I wished I could have experienced. I considered what I’d learned in the past and how I wanted to apply that to my future. The second verse epitomizes that – ‘Repetition’s taught me love / is a balance beam we walk.’ So to me, the song is very melancholy, although I can see how it could be taken the other way. In a way, I really enjoy that dual perception and I understand that, depending on how you’re feeling, you could see it as an honest love song or an ironic break up song.

KUTX Austin Music Minute features Justin Fallen and The Angels

KUTX Austin Music Minute features Justin Fallen and The Angels in advance of tonight’s EP release party at Hole in the Wall:

Songwriter Justin Fallen sees The Rock and Roll Kids as a “twenty minute snapshot” of nearly two years’ worth of dedication, endless work, and emotional roller-coaster trips on the new EP. “This is, for me, the finale of a hell of a lot of joy, sweat and tears”…The Rock and Roll Kids shows what Fallen is so passionate about: The timeless tradition of great storytelling in Texas songwriting. He proudly carries that torch with big doses of rock, country and soul coursing through his veins.

The Bluegrass Situation premieres Scott Wesley’s new single “My Love”

Gorgeous new song from Scott Wesley premieres on The Bluegrass Situation. Listen to “My Love,” about which Scott Wesley says:

No matter what that person says or does, sometimes the heart wants what it wants and nothing can change that. Producer Paul Kimsal added pedal steel to the tune, which is something I always imagined this song should have.​ He also ​added a sample of chain clanking, which suits the theme of the song really well.

The Boot premieres Jacob Tovar & The Saddle Tramps’ single “Tips and Beer”

The Boot premieres “Tips and Beer” by Jacob Tovar and the Saddle Tramps! Stream the 3rd single and pre-order the forthcoming debut album, coming next month from Horton Records:

“The band’s unique sound combines old-school honky-tonk with Tovar’s booming baritone, along with some top-notch guitar picking…reminiscent of the genesis of the honky-tonk phenomenon.”

GroundSounds premieres “Handle Myself” by Ship of Fools

GroundSounds premieres the debut single “Handle Myself” by the genre-melding Baton Rouge quartet Ship of Fools, featuring cello by Cuban-born, Venezuela-raised and Switzerland-trained Raudol Palacios; Baton Rouge native Michael Blount on guitar; and LSU students Ashley Monaghan on vocals and Eric Brown on percussion. GroundSounds calls the track “pure sonic goodness.”

The Boot premieres Trevor Brooks’ debut single “Talk Me Out Of Her”

The Boot premieres the debut single from Nashville country singer/songwriter Trevor Brooks. Check out “Talk Me Out Of Her” from his debut EP, set for release this summer:

Brooks is someone we could get used to hearing: His vocals are warm and inviting as, in this particular song, he earnestly sings about a girl that he wants — but he knows she’s not what he needs. Instead, he begs listeners to, as the title suggests, “talk me out of her.”

SONG PREMIERE: Northern Transmissions premieres Annalibera’s “Love In A Recession”

Northern Transmissions premieres Annalibera‘s “Love In A Recession,” the first single ​​from​ L.I.A.R., the 3-song follow-up to ​March​’s debut full-length Nevermind I Love You (Sump Pump Records). L.I.A.R. was recorded during the same session as the album, but emerged with its own cohesive sound and theme, full of country-tinged twang-pop playfulness.​

TOUR DATES: Bucket Full of Nails shares Tomten tour dates and new single

Bucket Full of Nails shares Seattle trio Tomten‘s upcoming tour dates and new single “Bitter Pill” b/w “Humdrum Doom Song”:

5/3/15: Seattle, WA – Barboza
5/5/15: Portland, OR – Portland State University
5/6/15: Portland, OR – Liquor Store
5/7/15: Davis, CA – Sophia’s Thai Kitchen
5/8/15: Oakland, CA – Awaken Cafe
5/9/15: San Francisco, Ca – Hemlock Tavern
5/11/15: Santa Cruz, CA – Crepe Place
5/13/15: Fresno, CA – Peeve’s
5/14/15: San Diego, CA – Sycamore Den
5/15/15: Los Angeles, CA – Ham & Eggs
5/17/15: Los Angeles, CA – Origami Records (In Store)

The Deli Magazine NYC features Frogbelly and Symphony

The Deli Magazine NYC features Frogbelly and Symphony and “Invite to Eternity” from their debut album Blue Bright Ow Sleep, out now on Labelship UK. Check out their tour dates, as they head across the pond for shows in the UK.

With their sound and attitude at times reminiscent of great ’90s UK band Tindersticks (whose music was too dark and decadent to make an impression in the US), and at others veering towards some kind of operatic math cabaret, Brooklyn and Sheffield, UK based band Frogbelly and Symphony just released their debut album Blue Bright Ow Sleep, which was recorded in NYC by legendary producer Martin Bisi.

Watch “Before I Die” at Infectious Magazine
Listen to “Patch of Blue” at
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