Robin’s Music Portal reviews Foxholes’ single “Sunny”


Robin’s Music Portal reviews “Sunny” off Foxholes forthcoming self-titled album, out May 26th, calling the band “dark, driving, and dangerous”:

Foxholes’ latest single “Sunny” gets pretty close to That Epic Riff…What they bring in ‘Sunny’ is a crunchy punch from the beginning that moves into a brooding 70s-era rocker – hearkening back to when indie rock and punk were truly underground and everything was being redefined. Foxholes matches the energy of their forefathers and has that inspired DIY feel.


GroundSounds premieres Foxholes’ music video “Sunny”


GroundSounds premieres Foxholes’ new music video “Sunny,” off their self-titled album out on May 26th:

The concept came from this fear of having a mind debilitating disease in the later phases of life where you can’t readily access memories and can no longer live independently. For the video, I wanted to put a (little) lighter spin on it and do this Thelma & Louise type thing where an old man and his granddaughter go out for an afternoon for some fun but things escalate…

Atwood Magazine premieres Jesse Etc’s new single “Tightropes”


Atwood Magazine premieres the new single “Tightropes”:

Jesse Etc.’s “Tightropes” is an eclectic mix of futuristic synth pop and nostalgic melodies with the epic plea to choose love over fear…Jesse Etc’s songwriting and producing are nothing short of pop bliss. It’s Passion Pit, meets BØRNS, meets obscure bands from all across the docket, creating a sound that is uniquely its own.

Verbicide Magazine premieres Apollo Wild’s single “Shaky Knees”

Verbicide Magazine premieres “Shaky Knees,” the new single from Nashville’s Apollo Wild:

The whole song is about connecting to and loving your past, but not allowing that to keep you from jumping headlong into your future. It’s a tale of fear, anxiety, nostalgia, but also of exploration, understanding, growth, and ultimately, of conquering. I suppose that, in short, “Shaky Knees” is my love ballad to Texas, to youth, to family, and to the future.

We♥Music features Magic Magic Roses single “Dusk”

We♥Music includes Magic Magic Roses’ single “Dusk,” the title track from their third album on Seattle’s Plume Records, in their feature “Sister, Sister”:

“Did you know that La Luz’s Lena Simon is the sister of Sarah Simon from Magic Magic Roses? Sarah, along with Kate Sweeney formed Magic Magic Roses in 2008 and released The Living Room in 2010. Sam Berman joined the band in 2011.”

Adobe & Teardrops premieres Laura Oden’s single “Try Not To Cry”


Adobe & Teardrops premieres Laura Oden’s single “Try Not To Cry”:

Alaska-based Laura Oden has previewed her upcoming album with ‘Try Not to Cry.’ Oden’s remarkable vocal performance makes this song, an attempt to grapple with a crushing loss, an arresting experience. Oden brushes against the confines of folk music and weaves jazz-like intervals into her delivery. This meditation is sure to stay with you after the last note fades and it has me excited for the full album.