The Daily Listening premieres Annalibera’s ‘L.I.A.R.’ EP

The Daily Listening premieres L.I.A.R., Annalibera‘s 3-song follow-up EP to the debut full-length Nevermind I Love You, taken from the same recording session and coming out on 6/16:

Des Moines has some budding indie-rock royalty on their hands. After discovering the spellbindingly-beautiful sounds of Annalibera this past winter, we’ve been sharing their debut, Nevermind I Love You, with anyone willing to listen…Emerging with its own cohesive style and theme, L.I.A.R. employs a semi-country-tinged twang-pop playfulness sure to win over any listener.

ALBUM PREMIERE: Exclaim! premieres Annalibera’s debut album ‘Nevermind I Love You’

Exclaim! has the exclusive full stream of Annalibera‘s debut album Nevermind I Love You, out on vinyl and digital formats from Sump Pump Records on March 24th.

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EP PREMIERE: The Runout premieres Pollen’s ‘Buyer’s EP’

Bryne Yancey at The Runout premieres the full stream of Pollen‘s Buyer’s EP, out on cassette and digital formats on March 10th.

Pollen use that approachable lens of ’60s garage and early punk as a hook to explore much deeper and very real modern issues…Riveting stuff, and through this lens, the songs end up being weirdly fun as hell while remaining cogent in their messaging.

FULL STREAM PREMIERE: Band Bombshell premieres Karen Meat & the Computer EP

Band Bombshell premieres the full stream of the Karen Meat and the Computer EP, out on cassette and digital formats from Karen Meat & the Players on March 3rd from Red Nude Tapes.

“Their debut EP—a 5-song compilation that perfectly pulls together vocalist Arin Eaton’s frolicking drawl and the trademark sound of Eaton’s “Players”…the only way to describe the result is, well, catchy.”

ALBUM PREMIERE: Ghettoblaster Magazine premieres The Lonesome Heroes’ sophomore album “Can’t Stand Still”

Ghettoblaster Magazine premieres The Lonesome Heroes‘ sophomore full-length album Can’t Stand Still, out now on CD and digital formats and set for release on vinyl on February 27th on Whatbang Records.

Listen to “Future Ghost Town” on Folk Radio UK.
Listen to “Long Time Coming” on Pop Press International.

EP PREMIERE: Levi Parham’s “Avalon Drive” EP streams in full at Ghettoblaster Magazine

Levi Parham releases his new EP Avalon Drive today, and you can stream the 6-song release for a limited time at Ghettoblaster Magazine!

Watch the “Never Coming Home To Me” video at CMT Edge
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Listen to “Lola My Lovely” at Folk Radio UK
Read an interview with The Oklahoman

EP PREMIERE: Pollen s/t debut EP full stream on Styrofoam Drone

Styrofoam Drone has the full stream of the debut s/t EP from Austin garage/punk trio Pollen, officially out on June 10th!

[The EP is] built around boy/girl vocals and a constant guitar shimmer. Crunchy guitars come backed by sunny vocal harmonies and throbbing bass in “Not a Test,” which starts the EP with an invigorating pop punch…“Short Selling” comes with a bouncy post-punk flare, sounding tight and wonky with plenty of shouting. It’s a different look at their sound compared to “Apartment,” which weaves angular guitars and bass into one stressful twang. The fluttering chorus is driven by Morgan’s breathy vocals, followed by rumbling bass lines and dusty guitars.

Check it out here and pre-order the release on cassette or download a digital copy!

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The Vinyl District premieres Borrowed Beams of Light’s new album

The Vinyl District has a full stream of the new album by Borrowed Beams of Light, out November 5th on Hibernator Gigs Records. While you’re taking in the record, check out Adam Brock’s beautiful essay on Borrowed Beams of Light’s long love affair with vinyl, and pre-order the wax here!

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