Exclaim! Magazine premieres SIRES music video “She’s Into Me”


Exclaim! premieres the music video for “She’s Into Me,” the first single from SIRES forthcoming album Soul For Sale, out October 21st from Station 1 Records:

“‘She’s Into Me’ is the first offering from the upcoming record, and on the surface it takes inspiration from a PBS documentary about the Dave Clark Five. The subtext, however, adds much more depth and darkness to the deceptively upbeat sounding tune.”

Independent Music News premieres There Is No Mountain’s new music video “Hiking”


Independent Music News premieres “Hiking,” the new music video from There Is No Mountain:

The group specializes in a charming brand of psych-pop that is often dancey and always catchy, like a matured mix of the Dirty Projector’s artsy weirdness and oddball vocal harmonies with the barebones instrumentation of Beat Happening. All of these textures and more are present on their sophomore album, Luna, a collection of songs based around the band’s travels released by L.A.’s ORG Music in January 2016.

Think of the song in terms of the plot diagrams your fourth grade English teacher would write on the dry erase board and you’ll notice an entire cycle of emotion smashed into an insanely catchy two and a half minute song.


VIDEO PREMIERE: Songwriting Magazine premieres Dagmar’s music video “What Do You Want”


Dagmar‘s incredible music video “What Do You Want” premieres today on Songwriting Magazine!

Musically, the influence of Philip Glass has been noted, while the band have seen their style deemed part of the indie-pop revival. We think that fans of Bat For Lashes will find much to enjoy in What Do You Want’s moody grace, while those with a fondness for dream-pop trio Au Revoir Simone will be similarly taken by the track.

Exclaim! premieres Field Division’s music video for “Modest Mountains”


Exclaim! premieres the new music video from Field Division — watch “Modest Mountains” from their Reverie State EP:

Shot during a tour to the West Coast this past November, performance footage is nicely spliced with shots of babbling brooks, sweeping vistas and waves crashing on sandy shores. The wild beauty of the band’s scenic tour route pairs excellently with the track’s flighty vocals and reverberating guitars, mandolins and drums.

Independent Clauses premieres Pageant’s video “Don’t Stop the Rain”


Independent Clauses premieres Pageant‘s new video “Don’t Stop the Rain” from the new EP Endless Sun, coming out on November 13th:

[‘Don’t Stop the Rain’] is a jaunty duet that draws heavily on indie-pop and folk conventions without falling neatly into either category. The vocals are the feature here, with Derek and Erika Porter’s voices intertwining throughout the tune as leads and backup vocals. There’s some pedal steel and harmonica to counter the vocal focus, while the bass guitar does some admirable work keeping the tune traveling sprightly on.

Songwriting Magazine premieres Pageant’s video “Beautiful (Caught up in the Moment)”


Songwriting Magazine premieres the new music video from Pageant for “Beautiful (Caught up in the Moment)” from their forthcoming EP Endless Sun, out on CD and digital formats on November 13th. The music video features actors ​from Chicago’s legendary improv enterprise Second City, ​Casey Whitaker and Tim de la Motte. Jeph Porter, ​Head of Digital Media Production at Second City​ and ​brother of Pageant siblings Derek and Erika Porter​, directed the video, putting a decidedly comic spin on a song that was written as a straight-ahead love song ​idealizing a romantic partnership​.

OVRLD premieres Justin Fallen & The Angels’ music video for “Rock and Roll Kids”

Ovrld premieres Justin Fallen and the Angels’ music video for “Rock & Roll Kids,” from the new EP The Rock & Roll Kids! Check out the video, shot by Dustin Eastes and edited by 8th & Nyle:

As sad as it was to see Matt Simon and Phil Ajjarapu’s Eastern Sun Studios close down earlier this year, the blow is softened by the fact that the last album recorded there is also one of the finest. Justin Fallen and the Angels’ Rock & Roll Kids EP is a Sally Can’t Dance-esque throwback, full of the vintage tone and fuzzy personality that made Eastern Sun’s catalog so special.

The Shotgun Seat premieres Scott Wesley’s video for “Front Porch Light”

The Shotgun Seat premieres the beautiful new music video from Nashville’s Scott Wesley:

Directed by Chris Ranker and shot by Warren Smith at a lake house in Hendersonville, TN, the video is the second from Wesley’s self-titled EP, which released last Friday, September 11th. The song is an expressive tale of heartbreak, which Wesley frames as solutions for reconciliation. “It’ll be easy,” the song practically implores, with lyrics like “the front door will be unlocked / in case you lot your key, there’s a spare one in the mailbox / if I’m fast asleep, there’s a note on the kitchen table that dinner’s in the refrigerator.” Wesley’s vocals are beautifully presented, and lie over a bed of complementary and subtle instrumentation, haunting steel included.

GroundSounds premieres Justin Fallen’s music video “Dancehall”

Watch Justin Fallen and the Angels’ celebration of Austin in their video for “Dancehall,” premiering on GroundSounds. Justin Fallen says this about the video:

Dancing is big for me – I dance in dancehalls and I dance when I’m on stage, so it was important to me that the first release be a dance song. I met up with Athan Bernal and Nyle Emerson, who call themselves 8th and Nyle, who have a passion that I connected with. We wanted to make sure Austin and the energy of the city that inspired the song was captured. They pretty much took it from there, got their friends together to do some dancing, and were creative about how to do the whole thing. Most of the shots are spontaneous and unplanned around town to catch the feel of the spirit of Austin.

6th street in Austin is pretty crazy. people go nuts when you stick a camera up in the middle of the street like that – that was all spur of the moment, with whoever was walking by joining in. We ended up having to leave early because it was too big of a scene – people were throwing full beer cans from the roof and college guys kept seeming to want to take off their clothes and simulate blowjobs in front of the camera. All that footage was done in less than fifteen minutes before it got too wild to even stay there.

There’s something mysterious about the whole thing, kind of a pied piper narrative – like everywhere you go, dancing can happen.

The Boot premieres Scott Wesley’s music video “Heavy Rotation”

The Boot premieres Scott Wesley‘s music video for “Heavy Rotation,” the first single from his forthcoming self-titled EP, coming out on September 11th.

“Heavy Rotation” is a super-catchy, tongue-in-cheek track that explores the journey of following your dreams, being in love and the complications that can arise when coupled together, and its accompanying clip was shot during the live recording session for the song. The track has an organic sound, an old country vibe, honky-tonk piano and a tinge of the blues.

Heartbreaking Bravery shares Weird Mob’s video “Nu American Haircutz”

Heartbreaking Bravery shares Weird Mob‘s video for “Nu American Haircutz”:

Throughout the past week there’s been a steady rollout of a slew of great songs and full streams. While the music video category didn’t quite hit the preceding week’s exhilarating highs, there was still solace to be found in some genuinely enjoyable clips from Joe Bordenaro, Algiers (who still have my pick for breakout act of 2015), Weird Mob, and Magic Potion.