Speak Into My Good Eye premieres Gloom Balloon’s “The Shit You Put Me Through” music video

Speak Into My Good Eye premieres the new Gloom Balloon music video “A Sky That Looks Like A Bruise”


Music Defined premieres Gloom Balloon’s music video “Alone In My Head”

Music Defined premieres Gloom Balloon‘s music video “Alone In My Head”:

A while back he was selling shirts that say ‘Pat Sounds,’ a play on The Beach Boys of course, but I think that DTEOTGOG,UTSATM is the closest to Brian Wilson any human deserves to get. The production is totally compelling, drawing your ear to sounds that have little to do with the melody, but help make up the whole. It’s an atmospheric record that can also be enjoyed purely on the surface-a rare treat for music lovers.

All Things Go premieres Gloom Balloon’s new music video “Saddest Story Ever”

All Things Go premieres Gloom Balloon‘s new single and music video for “Saddest Story Ever”!

“Saddest Story Ever” depicts the momentary lapses in reason that often accompany drinking alone. Vocal patterns appear and disappear, pirouetting in the haze while Mellotron doom and the inevitability of the spoken word drag the listener into a downward spiral.

The track is off their forthcoming sophomore album Drying the Tears of the Goddess of Gloom, Underneath the Stars and the Moon out September 1st on Maximum Ames Records.

Impose premieres Gloom Balloon’s music video “Drying the Eyes of the Goddess of Gloom”

Impose premieres Gloom Balloon‘s new music video for “Drying the Eyes of the Goddess of Gloom” off their forthcoming sophomore LP, out on 9/1/17 on Maximum Ames Records!

“the perfect ballad…an intriguing sound…accompanied by an even more intriguing music video”

Indie30 features PLEASURES


Indie30 features PLEASURES and their new music video “Luscious Wave”:

…their dark pop oriented and intensely dreamy new single, ‘Luscious Wave’. A master work of angular sonic manipulation where nothing is at it seems, from the warped yet inviting vocal approach of vocalist/guitarist Katherine Kelly to the soundscape shifting effects employed to each instrument, it’s an enveloping and thrilling ride.