Jacob Tovar & The Saddle Tramps full album streaming at GroundSounds

GroundSounds streams the debut album by Tulsa’s Jacob Tovar and the Saddle Tramps, coming out on Horton Records on CD and digital, with vinyl coming soon. Says Tovar:

I started performing when I got laid off from a job that I loathed. I spent some time taking care of my newborn son and started playing out and submersing myself in the Tulsa music scene. I had before just basically been a self-taught bedside guitarist interested in playing classical and fingerstyle genres. My older lead guitarist brother was constantly on me to get out and play and play with him whenever we got together. I went back to college and did a few semesters – through my music instructors, I was encouraged to sing more, so I began singing and playing.

The experience of recording the debut album was wonderful. I hand-picked the musicians I wanted in the studio – I had worked with them many times in a live setting, so we ended up cutting the album live just because we were so comfortable and have such great chemistry playing together. I had been to Fellowship Hall Studio last summer with a group of Tulsa musicians to record a compilation and really enjoyed Jason’s style of recording and the way that he uses the original tape reel to record and create that classic sound.

ALBUM PREMIERE: Overblown premieres Weird Mob’s debut album ‘Wizards’

Overblown premieres Weird Mob‘s debut album Wizards, with thoughts from the band on each track. Wizards is out on 4/21 on Hibernator Gigs Records.

Weird Mob is certainly an apt moniker for this Charlotte, Virginia synth pop group that seamlessly combines prog, new wave, electro pop, and a touch of post punk. Theirs is an eclectic, and definitely weird, mix, at times odd, at times lighthearted, always catchy.

ALBUM PREMIERE: Exclaim! premieres Annalibera’s debut album ‘Nevermind I Love You’

Exclaim! has the exclusive full stream of Annalibera‘s debut album Nevermind I Love You, out on vinyl and digital formats from Sump Pump Records on March 24th.

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ALBUM PREMIERE: Ghettoblaster Magazine premieres The Lonesome Heroes’ sophomore album “Can’t Stand Still”

Ghettoblaster Magazine premieres The Lonesome Heroes‘ sophomore full-length album Can’t Stand Still, out now on CD and digital formats and set for release on vinyl on February 27th on Whatbang Records.

Listen to “Future Ghost Town” on Folk Radio UK.
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Lockeland Springsteen features Christian Lee Hutson

Christian Lee Hutson‘s new album Yeah Okay, I Know is out today on Trailer Fire Records! Lockeland Springsteen has a review of the album, and Christian shares 5 great date spots in Nashville that are perfect for getting stood up, weirding someone out, or otherwise romantically trainwrecking.

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Selective Memory Magazine reviews Silver Ships’ debut album

Selective Memory Magazine reviews “Songs From A Room That Never Moves,” Silver Ships’ debut album, saying “The soft textures of ‘60s pop is like laying on grass under a sunny day, soaking up the sweet scents of autumn as the breeze and sounds make you float away.” Read the entire review here.

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Monsters of Surf compilation on The Dadada

The Dadada features the forthcoming Monsters Of Surf compilation, out on February 18th on DingDong Records:

The compilation features 22 tracks by surf bands from North American, South America, and Europe. This isn’t your grandfather’s surf music either, as Monsters of Surf features modern takes on the genre. It favors experimentalism, and is a bit more gritty than the classic recordings of the 1960s.

Check out a thunderous psycho-surf track by Daikaiju, a driving gypsy metal song from Necronomikids, and some noir bombast from Serbia’s Threesome at The Dadada, and pick up the release at bandcamp.

The Vinyl District premieres Borrowed Beams of Light’s new album

The Vinyl District has a full stream of the new album by Borrowed Beams of Light, out November 5th on Hibernator Gigs Records. While you’re taking in the record, check out Adam Brock’s beautiful essay on Borrowed Beams of Light’s long love affair with vinyl, and pre-order the wax here!

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Full Stream: Songs In The Key Of Bob – GBV-inspired compilation by Hibernator Gigs Records

Songs In The Key Of Bob

“Songs In The Key Of Bob” is a ten minute journey through a shared obsession, inspired by one man’s torment during a bleak stint sorting books in a library warehouse. Adam Brock, front man for Borrowed Beams of Light and drummer for Invisible Hand and Weird Mob, found his mind running to flights of fancy in an effort to stave off the boredom of book sorting, re-imagining the titles of the theses and journals which he came across as Guided By Voices song titles, encountering such names as Cream of the Jesters and Popular Dogs. Brock made up a list of the best titles, which he circulated to several of his favorite bands with simple instructions to pick a title and write the best approximation of a GBV song, keeping the songs short while utilizing 4-track or 8-track cassette recording technology, all in the spirit of Dayton, Ohio’s finest indie band.

The compilation features seven tracks, from the catchy crunch of Invisible Hand‘s opener “Dinosaur Treadmill” to the lowest of low fi burst of energy that is Left & Right‘s “Reexamination Of Fallout Materials”, the sinister groove of Borrowed Beams of Light‘s “Stone Cutters Journal” to the poppy balladry of Weird Mob‘s “Unified Warehouse Terminal”. The mighty Naked Gods throw down the triumphant minute and a half epic “Drinking Penicillin At The Wedding” and Digging Up Virgins conjure the spirit of Tobin Sprout with the gentle “Viet Cong Motivation”. The comp concludes with The Moore Brothers and their hauntingly beautiful “Alice Bird”.

The comp will be available on May 28th in limited quantities on blue vinyl, and can be streamed in its entirety here:

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New Album: Daymoths – Back In Time

Recommended tracks: (1) Thank You, (3) Back In Time, (7) The End

St. Paul’s indie-pop duo Daymoths is comprised of Emily Dantuma (vocals/keyboards) and Ollie Dodge (drums/vocals). The two began making music together in the early ’00s in the band Vox Vermillion, which was signed to Atmosphere’s Women Records. Subsequent projects found the married couple stretching out into experimental, noise rock, and even classical territory (Dantuma is also a classically-trained cellist and performs Bach Suites and original compositions as String Bikini) before focusing their collective energies into the measured and spacious sounds of Daymoths. The band has just released their first full-length album, Back In Time. This is a winter album, conceived and written during a frigid month in Iowa, recorded at Tiger Tiger Studios by Dove Foster-Dewy, mixed at Old Blackberry Way by Neil Weir, and mastered at Magneto Mastering by Dave Gardner. Back In Time recently landed a spot on the City Pages Best Minnesota Albums of 2011 runner-up list and is receiving regular airplay on over a dozen CMJ-reporting stations. Daymoths is on tour this winter promoting the album.

RIYL: Portishead, St. Vincent, Blonde Redhead, Kate Bush

“Fans of distinctive female vocalists will find much to love… Dantuma uses her (vocals) to great expressive effect, exploring warbles and whispers equally and apparently unafraid to experiment with tones.” Arielle Castillo (BrowardPalmBeach.com)

“Spacey, spooky and stripped-down…the songs bring to mind the freakish contents of Victorian curiosity cabinets and would make for a great soundtrack to the most adorable little taxidermy shop you’ve ever seen.” Garrett Weindorf (Urban Tulsa Weekly)

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